Why Choose a Carer?

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Here is an article from Erika Schulten Jansen from Curantis Home Carers. Erika is one of the founders of Curantis Home Carers.  This article shows her years of experience and love for caregiving.

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Why Choose a Carer

With the cost of living the way things are now, medical aids seem to more of a luxury for most and simply out of reach for a large portion of our society.

Many families sit with the problem of how to take care of the elderly living at home or family members that suffer from, Alzheimer’s and dementia.

With allot of Old Age Homes or home aid agencies and private residential homes not catering for Alzheimer & dementia suffers, It place allot of stress on families with how to cope with this problem.

Enter someone new, Home Care Agencies. In-home care providers offering adult care.

Is it really that new?

No not really new just a different alternative home support for the elderly underutilized till now.

The complexities that go with Alzheimer’s and Dementia care are huge and some nursing homes feel it’s just to bigger task to undertake in-home care providers a suitable alternative in-house care for the elderly.

With the rise in carer giving companies who have trained staff, this certainly has changed the options open and available to the public offering a new way of solving this thorny and at times complex issue of taking care of the aged and sick without the high cost of facilities.

Maybe it’s the thought of removing them from their homes that is harder to deal with than the costs. Home health care agencies are filling a gap in the care of the elderly.

Maybe home health care agencies are the best place to provide quality care as an affordable alternative and provides just that little touch of extra special care and love.

When looking into getting Care Companies to assist you, take the extra time not only to send a message but to call.

  • Have the relevant question at hand you would like to ask, get an understanding as to what home care assistance the company has to offer you.
  • Ask about the different options available to you. E.g. 24-hour in-home senior care?
  • Find out about the training the Caregivers have received in dealing with Alzheimer’s and dementia patients.
  • Tell that what you would like and were thinking of in terms of home help care services.
  • Express your concerns and fears providing care for the elderly.
  • Ensure that if it’s the way forward for you that you arrange a consultation.
  • Engage as many families’ members to participate in the consultation process as far and as much possible.
  •  In all likelihood, the family a whole will be involved when it comes to the decision-making process.


Ensure you make the right decisions by being aware of all the options, treasure the old there is a world of knowledge and experience out there.

Providing care for the elderly by home aid agencies might be the viable solution we never gave much thought to.


Erika from Curantis Home Carers


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