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We can safely say that caregivers to elderly are just as important in the roles they perform when taking care of the elderly as those provided by nurses in specialized facilities.

They provide much-needed assistance to the elderly who prefer the comfort of their own homes to that of Retirement Homes or Frail Care Facilities.

Carers provide a wide variety of functions and services to the elderly ranging from relief for family members who have been performing this function, to assisting with the daily wellbeing being of the elderly.

The main objective of caregiving is to ensure the wellbeing of the elderly on a daily basis in a world that is his own.

1 Care Plan

       Ensure that you have a comprehensive plan in place of what is required

       By ensuring the roles and responsibilities are clear up front makes for happy caregiving.

       Discuss with all the relevant decision makers and role players.

2 Medical Requirements and Medication

       By ensuring that all conditions are listed and understood

        Related medications have been discussed and use there off is clear to all parties.

       Ensure all relevant emergencies numbers are listed.

3 Daily Needs

       Establish which are the daily needs that require the assistance of the carer and include all.

       Add things you might feel relevant.

       These could range from:-

·                       Grooming

·                       Dressing

·                       Bathing or bed bathing.

·                       Toiletry requirements or diaper assistance.

·                       Transferring to from bed to wheelchair etc.


 4 Meal Preparation and Nutrition

       When caring for the elderly and important daily function is meal preparation and nutrition.

        By ensuring a proper meal plan in place that is healthy and nutritional is imperative for the care of the elderly.

       By making sure the carer is fully up to speed with nutritional needs of his elderly client we can ensure that the home will be a happier place.

       Take time to ensure that caregiver you select has the skills to prepare meals if required.

5 Exercise and Physio

       Excercise is important for a healthy mind and body all types of exercise must be done in consultation with your GP prior to exercise commencing.

       Some clients might need physio, assess the qualifications of your carer.

        Allot are trained AUXILLARY NURES and in the position to provide this much need assistance.

6 House Keeping

       When caring for the elderly a wide range of housing keeping duties might also be needed.

       Preparing of shopping lists.

       General household chores.

v 7 Transporting of the Elderly

       With the face of caregiving changing in our world and pressure of everyday life, carers are more and more being called on to do more than just caring.

       This includes things like doing/assisting with the shopping.

       Taking clients to doctor or social engagements.

       It might be a box worth ticking.

8 Companionship

       Probably one of the most important parts of caregiving is companionship.

       Loneliness can result in frustration anxiety and even depression companionship is a key ingredient of caregiving.

        Make sure your caregiver is more than just a carer but also a companion. This will ensure a happier client.

It’s important to do your investigation, know the requirements assess the needs.

Make an informed decision.



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