Care Giver the Companion

care giver companion

The care industry is never short on providing us with a new lesson on life; caregiving is as much about providing care as it is about being a companion.

As we become older it’s sad to see how many of our parents/ grandparents are alienated by those who love them. Granted not always out choice but maybe because of the lives we live.

As our own lives become complex and demand more of our time and attention we forget those who were our first mentors. The very people who shaped us and taught us right from wrong.

As our parents and grandparents become older it’s sad to see how life begins to fail them, we assume that they are alright that they don’t require as much of our love and attention anymore. But maybe because we assume that they know we love and care.

We are too focused on our life’s our families and we tend to see less and less of them, in time as age creeps up on all of them to do a number of other things.

They become more fragile, illness takes its toll, they lose friends and become more isolated and disconnected from the world AND MAYBE MORE IMPORTANTLY OUR WORLDS.

When they become ill and can no longer take care of them self’s we look for other means to make their lives more comfortable Frail Care Old Age Homes. We assume this will make them happy? Or we making ourselves happy. Now they are someone else’s problem and we ease our cons ions in this way.

Enter Care Giving, given this, is still a relatively new concept in South Africa but it’s something that is growing by the day.

To many, the role of a caregiver is that of providing and assisting those in need with daily necessities that we all take for granted.

But having seen in more than one instances that caregivers become instrumental in the recovery both physically as well as mentally and emotionally of many a client it is important to take heed of the value of that a carer brings.

Let me give you an example:- An 82 YEAR PATIENT OF OURS LEFT HOSPITAL AND HER FAMILY FELT SHE WOULD not LIVE MUCH MORE THAN 3 MONTHS BECAUSE OF HER CONDITION AND HER ALIELMENTS. We were asked to provide her with a caregiver who would keep her comfortable and ensure she was well looked after in her final days.

The caregiver become her friend shared things with her helped her do things she could longer do for herself.

They did the exercises in physio and day by day become stronger to the point the where she can now a live a normal life.

Why, because the caregiver becomes that Campion and provide that that companionship that she so desperately needs every day.

We tend to take for granted how important our interaction with other people and the world around us is for our own well-being.

A caregiver must have the ability to be that companion that person who has the ability to provide more than just a care service. They must have the ability of companionship.

Companionship is a vital tool for caregiving and is undoubtedly a key factor often overlooked.

The difference between a carer and a caregiver is that one who knows what it means to also provide companionship.

But never forgets that the carer must never blur the line of friendship with that of being a caregiver, they always need to keep a line between of employer and employee separate no matter what the situation. When considering a carer as an option for your loved one, never forget to take into account the emotional well-being a caregiver can bring and that for the physical healing process to begin we need our emotional well-being.

Caring begins when the heart is happy, and when the heart is happy and strong, the mind is free and we can begin to heal our bodies.

Caregiving is a process.

We need to understand the process

Till next time,

Gary Hansen

Curantis Home Carers