Caregiving guide to dealing with a Seizure

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When providing Elderly Care, Caregivers are often faced with having to deal with Seizures. Being faced with a Seizure can be a very daunting experience for all concerned.

Below are a few basic steps to assist the Carer and yourself when faced with this situation.


Recovery Position

  1. Stay calm.
  2. Call Emergency Services if the person is having her first seizure.
  3. Try to time the seizure. Seizures usually do not last longer than 60 to 120 seconds. If the seizure lasts longer than 3 minutes, call Emergency Services.
  4. If the person is standing, prevent them from falling by holding them in a hug, or try to help them gently to the floor.
  5. Move away furniture or other objects that might injure the person during the seizure.
  6. If the person having a seizure is on the ground when you arrive, try to position them on their side so that any saliva or vomit can leak out of their mouth rather than be swallowed or go down the windpipe.
  7. Do not put anything, including your fingers, into the person’s mouth while they is seizing. You could chip the person’s tooth, or your finger could be bitten.
  8. Do not try to hold the person down because this can cause injury, such as a dislocated shoulder.
    After the seizure:
  9. Check the person for injuries.
  10. If you could not turn the person onto their side during the seizure, do so when the seizure has ended and the person is calm.
  11. If the person is having trouble breathing, use your finger to gently clear their mouth of any saliva or vomit. If this does not work, call for emergency help.
  12. Loosen tight clothing around the person’s neck and waist.
  13. Provide a safe area where the person can rest.
  14. Do not give the person anything to eat or drink until they are fully conscious and aware of their surroundings.
  15. Stay with the person until they are awake and any confusion wears off. Most people feel sleepy or confused after a seizure.

First port of call is to contact EMERGENCY SERVICES at all times

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