Common Health Conditions of the Elderly

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Over the next few weeks, we will cover some Common Health Conditions that our Private Caregivers may come across during their care for the Elderly.

This will assist the Elderly to better understand their conditions and the support that their Private caregivers will give them with any Health related condition.

Section 1 – INFECTIONS:

An infection can be described as an invasion of the body by disease-causing organisms such as bacteria or viruses.

Infections can be passed on by close contact from one individual to another, through water, air, food, or insects.

The immune system may become weaker the older a person gets, and could also be affected by certain medications or hospital treatment.

The most common infections that affect the Elderly are Chest or Urinary infections.

An Elderly who has Urinary Infection or commonly known as UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) will likely have dark colour urine that smells unpleasant.

Another common infection amongst the Elderly is Cellulitis, which occurs when wounds and Ulcers become infected.


Examples of how Infections can be passed:

  • Cold Sores – human contact
  • Cholera – water contamination
  • Common Cold – through Air
  • Malaria – mosquito bites


Common Symptoms of Infections:

  • Redness, Swelling, Heat, Pain, and Loss of function in the affected area
  • High temperatures
  • Weakness and loss of appetite
  • An overall feeling of being unwell.

Caregivers to ensure the following are implemented should the Elderly be infected:

  • Drink plenty of fluids in order to prevent dehydration
  • Change into light clothing to ensure that the Elderly do no overheat due to high temperatures
  • Ensure that they are comfortable
  • Get plenty of rest
  • Seek Medical Advise

In order to prevent infections it is vitally important that the Caregiver follows strict Hygiene Rules:

  • Caregivers to wash their hands thoroughly before and after treatment
  • Wearing disposable gloves and aprons
  • Covering their mouth and nose with a tissue when sneezing or coughing
  • Covering any cuts and grazes
  • Disposing of any waste in the proper manner


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