Fall prevention Guide to assist the Elderly with Fall Prevention

       Curantis Home Carers Elderly Safety

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Guardians and carers to the elderly should take steps to ensure the safety of the elderly and here era a few pointers that might be of assistance.

By preventing any unnecessary accidence we will ensure a safe environment and assist the elderly in staying healthy and keep safe.

Here are some tips to assist.

  • Review medication at least once a year or every time medication is changed.
  • If medication causes dizziness request that they are changed.
  • Make sure the elderly get there vision checked and have yearly eye tests.
  • Exercising on a regular basis is very important.

Make the home safer by:-

  • Adding grab bars, bed poles, and stair railings as needed.
  • Add shower and bath chairs.
  • Keep the floor clean at all times.
  • Only use rubber based non-slip mats.


Only allow the elderly to carry one or two bags of groceries at time.

Have clients stand up slowly after prolonged sitting.


All these should assist in preventing any unnecessary accidents that could lead to nasty injuries.


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