GPS Tracker Docking Station

For your convenience, this GIO Tracker also comes with a docking station for charging the battery of your GPS Wearable Tracking Device.

Batteries last 2-7 days
Easy to charge with docking station
24-Hour Monitoring for your safety
GPS Tracking Device for elderly docking station for charging

GPS Tracking Device for Children

Wearable GPS Tracking Device Specifications

Dimensions: 61*44*16 mm

Weight 35g

Battery: Rechargable 3.7v., 850mAh

Battery Life: 2-7 days

Charging Voltage: 5 volt DC

Operating Temperature: -30 degrees celsius to +70 degrees celsius

Waterproof: IPX7

Hardware Specifications

2G/3G/4G Technology

GPS Chipset: Ublox (AGPS support)

Bluetooth 5.0

Sensors: Built-in motion and vibrator sensors

SIM Card - Micro SIM Card, Embeded SIM accepted

Perfect for Tracking

A great device for tracking the elderly, patients, lone workers, teens, children, travelers, and employees.

Peace of mind.

Sensor Monitoring

EV-07B system can connect different sensors using cutting-edge mesh network built on top of Bluetooth low energy in order to upload information to the cloud. It allows people and system to gather data to make life safer, efficient, and more connected than ever before.

GPS Tracking Device Sensors - GIO Tracking Sensors

Wearable GIO Tracking Device using GPS for Children

If you are worried about your child"s safety or the safety of a family loved one, this Wearable GPS Device keeps you in contact at all times. This GIO Tracking Device can connect up to 10 mobile devices to ensure peace of mind at all times.

Simple SOS Alarm button activation.
GPS Outdoor Tracking
BLE/Wifi Indoor Tracking
Bluetooth 5.0 Connectivity
High GPS Accuracy and AGPS (assisted GPS) Support
Docking Station Build with BLE 5.0 (Blue Tooth Low Energy 5.0)
Two-way calling.
Fall Down Alarm
GEO Safe Zone
No Movement Alarm
Low GPRS Dataflow for Faster Data transfer.
Sensor Monitoring
ISO, Android App plus a Web Monitoring Service
GPS Tracking Device For The Elderly - Curantis Home Carers - South Africa

GPS Wearable Tracking GIO Device come as a wristband, a protection clip, or Magnetic charging.

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