Healthy Nutrience for the Elderly Living at Home

Good health starts with nutrition for all ages. Erika gives us a few tips to help with our aging loved ones. Do you need a carer? Contact Curantis Home Carers today for your FREE CONSULTATION.


Nutrient coupled with physical activity is important for the elderly.

A combination of good food and exercise can delay or even reverse some of the problems we experience with aging.

These two factors can help in letting us live independently and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

How to feel your best

– Eat a variety of different foods.

– Include fruits and veggies this is important.

– Try to main a healthy weight.

– Have a healthy snack between meals.

– Maintain a healthy fluid intake.

– These may and also include tea & coffee with low-fat calcium enriched milk.

– Unless otherwise recommended by your doctor.

– Being active is important.

Nutrients for the elderly

The intake of nutrients is greater for the elderly than for younger ages.

– Protein provides energy.

– Aim for 1-2 serving of protein per day.

– These include things lean, meat, fish, chicken, eggs etc.

– Calcium is essential as we grow older.

– Here things like milk yoghurt, cheese, and other milk products.

– Vitamin D has an important role in bone health.

– Sunlight is an important source of vitamin D.

– Vitamin B12.

– This helps with blood and brain function

– Deficiency has symptoms like pale skin, low energy.

– Also shortness of breath and palpitations.

– Animal foods are a major supplier of Vitamin B12

– Meat, eggs, and dairy.

To stay healthy one needs to eat healthy be active and be aware of what one needs to be healthy.


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