Role of the Caregiver in Elderly Care at Home

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Role of Home Carers in South Africa



As Caregivers, we do the most important work in our communities. In everything we do we need to understand about the care and support we provide to the Elderly especially from their point of view, ensuring that we always respect their rights and choices.

By assisting our Elderly to carry out their daily tasks makes a big difference to their lives to maintain self-importance and dignity.


As Caregivers we:

  • Support the Elderly to live independently in the comfort of their own homes so that they can continue to live in the way they choose to. This helps to maintain their individuality, independence, and self-esteem.
  • Enable the Elderly to stay in familiar surroundings, to take part in their usual activities and be part of their communities.
  • Assist by maintaining their health and well-being through the support we as Caregivers offer, and by recognising when Elder needs Specialist help or treatment from Medical Professionals.
  • As Caregivers, we support the Elderly to make their own decisions about day-to-day life, such as what to wear, buy or eat.
  • We as Caregivers provide social contact through a friendly smile, chat, and interaction, especially for the Elderly that live alone.
  • We as primary Caregivers assist other Carers such as Family members to continue to care for their loved ones.


Our work as caregivers is very rewarding but has its own complexities and challenges.

We possess common sense, kindness and good humour that are needed to develop a range of Professional skills, knowledge and personal attributes.



  • As Caregivers, we support the Elderly from different backgrounds, cultures, and lifestyles, which makes us as Caregivers open-minded, sensitive and non-judgemental. Our beliefs and opinions don’t affect the Care Service we provide or the way we treat the Elderly.
  • As Caregivers, we support the Elderly with various health-related issues and we understand different conditions and how it affects each and every individual.
  • As Caregivers we assist the Elderly to do as much as possible for themselves rather than doing everything for them, so we are patient and understanding in order to avoid the temptation to “take-over”
  • As Caregivers, we assist the Elderly to carry out intimate or personal tasks which makes us respectful and sensitive to their needs to avoid any feelings of embarrassment.
  • We as Caregivers are conscientious and dependable and will always go the extra mile to ensure that our Wards are cared for with dignity and absolute respect.

When thinking about care for the elderly and the sick remember Caregivers provide another alternative with a new perspective in the profession of Caring.


                     Care Givers the alternative in care!


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