When is it time for Assisted Living at Home?

assisted living

As children, we live for that day when we finally gain our independence. It’s a day full of joyful emotion, not least for our parents.

But before you realize it your life has whizzed by you and retirement is on you, the ”Golden Years.” For some, they zip through retirement no problem with little or no health issues and are fortunate enough to also have the support of their families in times of crisis.
But for many, there comes a time when Assisted Living needs to become a reality as they can no longer cope on their own.
For a few this may be due to old age. For others, this may due to illness but there comes a time when a tough decision needs to be made regarding Assisted Living.
Making the move towards home-based caregiving is difficult and comes with great emotions. Children often feel guilty as they feel they are letting the parents or loved ones down.
There comes a time when you need to start setting these feeling and emotions aside and make a decision based on the wellbeing of your loved ones.
1- Behavioural Changes
➢ These can be caused by Alzheimer or Dementia setting in.
➢ Here people often tend to become aggressive. Starting to wander around and getting lost or just repeating themselves.
➢ There are a number of symptoms consult your Doctor.
2- Daily Care
➢ They are unable to maintain, neglect or start forgetting to do the daily basics of self-care.
➢ They are no longer able to dress, bathe, or cook and feed themselves.
➢ Forgetting to take medication or taking more often than required.
➢ These are just a few basic signs that that Elderly are struggling to cope with the day to day basic requirements of living.
➢ That this is now the time to step in and assist.
3- Frail Care
➢ For some, the stress of a Frail Care facility and or the cost may be overwhelming.
➢ The option of a live-in Carer may be a viable alternative.
➢ Coast effective, same environment, sense of belonging.
➢ Control is still in your hands.
Take time, take charge, and put care back into the hands of those who have the ability to assist you.
The Elderly need us to ensure that have the quality of life in their Golden Years as what they gave us as children growing up.


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