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Gary Jansen


Since Gary Jansen started in 2015, Curantis Home Nursing has helped guide many families throughout Gauteng and Cape Town choose quality in-home care.

Whether they are providing frail care in Pretoria for the elderly or a disabled family member who needs assistance in East Rand, Curantis provides quality home-based care services for everyone's needs.

Ursula Klein

I have over 20 years of experience in various business sectors, Home Care and Nursing, Audit environments. FMCG, as well as IT sales and services and I am fully bilingual in English and Afrikaans.

For the past 3 years I have been operations lead at a Home-Based Care company Duties include:

  • Cashbook, Online Banking, Debtors, Creditors, Procurement,
  • Internal sales, Logistics, staff scheduling, staff requitement and HR duties,
  • Basic Payroll, Social Media Sales and Correspondence, Filing Data Capture.
  • Past Companies employed at
  • Gadget Emporium
  • KPMG (Management Consulting unit)
  • Loupo Technologies
  • IT Express
  • Food & Beverage
  • Clicks Group

Sister Lauren McCarthy Baker - Professional Nurse

Curantis Home Carers About Sister Lauren McCarthy Baker

Sister Lauren McCarthy Baker is a proud part of the Curantis Home Carers team. She is a Professional Registered Nurse with over 40 years of nursing experience, an asset to Curantis Home Carers (PTY) Ltd

  • Professional nurse and midwife
  • Provides staff training
  • Assists with the Curantis team in patient assessments
  • Oversees caregivers' and patient's relationships and needs.
  • Sister at Talitha Residence for mentally handicapped children
  • Clinic Sister at Andy Titterton Wholesale Nursery
  • Nursing sister at Walking with Winners Recovery Centre
  • Former sister at Henley River Care Centre
  • Former Medical Representative at AHN PHARMA/ UCB Pharma
  • Former Medical Representative at UCB
  • Studied at the University of Cape Town
  • Went to Sans Souci GHS
  • Studied Dip. General Nursing at Carinus Nursing College

Caregivers SA - The heart behind Curantis Home Nursing

Caregivers SA - Curantis Home Carers Gauteng & Cape Town

Why a Curantis Caregiver?

Gary Jansen, CEO and founder of Curantis Home Nursing, has a love for helping people.

His own experiences with family members helped him realize that home care-based assistance in South Africa is a necessity for many families.

Providing certified caregivers that are professional and a trusted caring match for your loved ones is Gary's number one goal.

His 28-year career in a corporate environment introduced him to people of all walks of life. His personal and friendly demeanour has carried through to his leadership role at Curantis Home Nursing.

By understanding the needs of people and providing the best caregiving services, Curantis Home Nursing are proud to be a permanent fixture in the professional healthcare community throughout South Africa.

All of Curantis Home Nursing home caregivers, auxiliary nurses, and enrolled nurses have certificates/diplomas/ degrees from an institution accredited by the South African Qualification Authority.

Penny Conchie

Registered Carer, CEO & Founder of Divine Care (Durban)