Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) About In-Home Caregiving Services

Who are Caregivers?

Caregivers provide care and can be qualified & certified as a caregiver or auxiliary nurses or anyone who provides care.

This could be a family, a home caregiver, or a primary caregiver, but the main function is to provide care for someone in need of care.

When it comes to the care of the elderly, this job title refers to a private duty home caregiver or senior caregiver.

The name home caregivers perform care-related activities in the home and personal care.

The role of the carer is to take on and perform the daily functions no longer possible by the elderly or those not in a position to do so for them self.

These carers work indolently and operate on their own ensuring their well-being and providing their clients with the opportunity to live a normal as far as possible.

A sometimes missed function is that of providing companionship which is a vital part of any caring-giving process.

Caregivers focus on activities of daily life (ADL), daily activities could include bathing, grooming, dressing, going to the toilet, eating, and bodily mobility (walking).

Carers are the resources available to help with these personal tasks.

What CAREGIVERS do who suspect abuse?

Carers who suspect abuse of the elderly should report it as soon they detect any sign of abuse.

Where abuse is detected or suspected every effort shall be to protect the

a person from further abuse.

Suspected abuse shall either be reported Care Company or family that is

in a position to protect him and remove him from the abusive situation or


How do Caregivers who specialize in Dementia look after patients?

Dementia requires trained carers who have spent time looking after and caring for these types of patients.

The best carers are those who have spent with these types of patients in-home and care facilities, they are patient caring caregivers who have an understanding of what dementia suffers need to provide good quality care.

Patience, love, care, and dedication makes a carer a good Dementia carer.

Can carers get paid by medical aids?

No, only registered care agencies with a practice number will be paid by the medical aid.

Carers can work independently but cannot get paid directly from medical aids unless they have a practice number. Carers are paid by their agency, and agencies claim from the medical.

Can caregivers be independent contractors?

Carers can be independent contractors, some carers prefer to freelance and operate without an agency.

They prefer to source their own clients and work from one contract to the next, without the protection of an agency.

Can CAREGIVERS accept gifts?

From time to time carers receive gifts from the family and their clients, as in any other organization there should policy and procedures in place to regulate the gifts received.

In other words, these should be appropriate and in line with company rules the company has in place with its employees.

All gifts should be declared to the agency, it should be noted to be careful when accepting gifts from dementia or Alzheimer as these patients can forget to give them and may start looking for the gifts leading to problems later on.

In this case, all gifts also need to be cleared with the family.

Who Hires Care Givers?

Anybody can enlist the services or help of a carer to assist in several different scenarios where help is required. Help is offered to anyone who has lost the capability to look after themselves or care for themselves. This may range from basic housekeeping to help for medical reasons. Duties and functions vary from situation to situation.

 What do Caregivers do?

They perform a wide range of duties and functions depending on the needs of their clients. These duties may be as simple as companionship to as complicated as medical assistance. Common duties most often include daily house chores to things like assisting clients with their daily hygiene, exercise etc. Most Caregiving Agencies will adapt services to meet the needs of their clients.

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